Review: Too Cool For School Milk Tint #2 Milky Orange

Hey guys, 
As most of you know I have a Korean lip product addiction so you can imagine I would probably be excited to receive this product, right? Well, to be honest I was really worried it would be the same as The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex Milky Tint in Baby Peach and unfortunately for darker skinned/pigmented girls like myself, they are basically the same product.

If you have lighter lips or skin, do read on!

You can buy it from Honest Skin for $6.29--

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Straight doe foot applicator

You can guess how well this is going to work on me...

Bare lips

 3 layers of tint

  • Milky tint is less drying that regular liquid tints
  • Doesn't emphasize dry lines

  • Does not show up at all on pigmented lips/cheeks
  • Doesn't fix dry lines either
  • Impossible to judge other characteristics without visible difference on my lips

I hate having to give bad reviews when something was sent to me for review, but as a truthful blogger I cannot tell a lie! I don't blame Honest Skin at all for sending me this--they had no idea that I already owned this same tint from another brand, and they didn't know that I have such dark/pigmented lips. If they had told me I would've asked for a different color, knowing this one wouldn't show up on me.

The formula is exactly the same as the Face Shop one. They're both light orange, milky in both appearance and feeling, and they don't dry out as quickly as other liquid tints do. My lips don't hurt when I use this, so that is indeed a plus, but it also doesn't make my chapped lips look much better after it starts to dry. When it dries it feels slightly tacky, but not too much.

If you have pigmented lips like me, I can assure you it won't show up--even with a lip primer it really won't work. If you are NC20 or above with yellow undertone this more than likely will not show up on your cheek as a stain. I applied 3 layers of the tint on my lips in the photo above and I have nothing to show for it in my pics.

If you are lighter skinned/lipped than me, I can see this being a very nice product for a "my lips but better look" but because this doesn't show up at all on me I can't comment on how evenly this applies nor how long the color will last. Sorry guys!

Thank you anyway Honest Skin for allowing me to try this tint. I think the pink one might have suited my skin better to be honest; it might actually show up on my lips so I would still be willing to try that one perhaps.

Rating: 1/5 would not recommend this color for darker lips or skin like mine :(

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. As with all my reviews, this is my obviously honest opinion and is not at all influenced by sponsorship.


Review: Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Urrrgh hey guys,
I don't know why all my photos keep turning out so dark recently but I can't seem to get this bright enough without completely masking the white packaging so sorry for the dark backgrounds. It looks bright and normal in photoshop but when I bring it over to upload it, it turns out all grey and crappy with extra shadows I can't see in photoshop. No idea what gives, so try to ignore the bad photos.

You can order this from Beauteque for $13.00 with free shipping within the USA until April 30th!

 Inner lid to prevent leakage

The texture is nice and stiff, yet very moisturizing. 

 English ingredients list

 Small rice grains on the right.

  • Non-coarse exfoliant
  • Lotion-like base makes skin soft
  • Low fragrance
  • Many uses in jar
  • Brightens
  • Easy to wash off

  • Jar packaging

This is a quick review because I really don't have anything negative to say about this product other than the fact that it comes in a jar packaging, and I know most people prefer bottles or squeeze tubes.

I was really hesitant to try this product because I wrongly assumed that it was a peeling gel type product based on the previous photos I'd seen. I took a chance and got this mask because I kept hearing rave reviews about this product, and I'm a huge Skinfood fan so I had to know what was up.

The mask comes in standard Skinfood jar packaging with their basic comic sans font label. Although the packaging isn't extraordinary, this mask is unlike any others I've encountered in the Asian beauty scene. The texture is like a thick lotion with a moisturizing feel to it; inside are tiny little granules of rice for scrubbing. It smells milky and vaguely sweet I suppose. 

Rather than leaving this on my face like a normal mask, per the instructions I apply a generous amount to my face and start massaging it especially around the pores on my nose. I like to massage for at least 2-3 minutes before washing it off, and I always find that the lotion-like texture makes it easy to wash off, taking extra sebum with it and dead skin cells. This really helps brighten my face when I wake up reddish/blotchy and oily in the morning, and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized but never oily. 

Overall,  I can't believe I waited so long to try this mask and I can see why others have raved about it so much.

Rating: 5/5 would definitely buy again

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Beauteque for review purposes. As with all my reviews, this is my honest opinion and is no way influenced by sponsorship.


Innisfree Green Tea Fresh, Balancing, and Moisture Lines 2014 Renewal

Hey guys!
Back in February I fell in love with Innisfree's Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack so you can imagine how stoked I was to see that they were coming out with more options in their Green Tea lines for different skin types! I haven't seen anyone else post about these yet so I hope you'll find this informative (though to be honest there isn't much information about the lines right now in English).

Last year, Innisfree made available the Green Tea Pure line and the Green Tea Seed line. In my opinion, the Seed line is the heaviest and most suitable for dry skin. The Pure line is also a moisturizing line, but it is more of a gel texture than the Seed line.

Cue 2014--Innisfree has rolled out the Green Tea Fresh line for normal/combination skin and the Green Tea Balancing line for oily skin. Additionally, they renamed the Pure line to Moisture.

Each lineup now boasts an essence, "skin" (lotion), and a moisturizing cream for each skin type. You can mix and match if you need to, plus there are still many of the other Green Tea Seed & Pure items available to use in combination.

According to Innisfree's latest CF, the Jeju Green Tea they use in the products are steam-pressed an hour after harvest, rather than being dried and boiled like regular green tea. I wonder if this also contributes to the scent of the products? The company has also stated that they will sell products within 3 months of manufacture to guarantee freshness.

You can check out an their English subtitled CF below.

I absolutely couldn't resist trying the new lines out first, so I ordered a few of them from RoseRoseShop. So far I do believe the Balancing cream really does help with sebum control compared to the original, as I can see a difference how much oil it absorbs versus the original, yet it's still very soft and hydrating. The Fresh essence is nice but I am not sure it does anything other than smell good and hydrate (it's more like a gel-lotion than a liquid). The Balancing skin seems like a good product for those who may not want to go as far as a cream moisturizer with oily skin.

I will do full reviews of these soon, promise!

If that wasn't enough info for you, here's a Korean info-graphic for you:

Click to Zoom --more Green Tea family info