Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Watery Cheek Blush (Lipstick Red and Orange Coral)

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of products that looked really great but Tiffany regrets buying!

I bought this from Tester Korea for 6000 Won each (~$5.66 USD)

After trying to wash off with soap and water (very aggresively)

  • It stains for a long time
  • Lots of product, little needed
  • Again, it stains for a long time
  • Too pigmented
  • Stains quickly/hard to spread evenly
  • Tube is annoying
I bought this because I wanted to try to blend it with highlighter the way the promo pics show. This blush seriously cannot be tamed. If you like subtle blush, this is not for you. I don't like subtle blush--I'm a blush addict--and I don't even like how much blush this gives me. No matter how little I take it always is way too dark, and it adheres to skin way too quickly to spread it well or get it off if you took too much. The bottle usually dispenses well but it doesn't really matter because it's impossible to gauge how much you need. The only way this might work is if you dilute the blush in some moisturizer. Another problem is that it is sooo hard to get off! I used soap and scrubbed my hands right after I did the swatch and I couldn't get it off. My hands were stained for a day. If you can figure out how to tone it down and tame the blush you might like it, but I just gave up trying because it was ruining my BB and I don't like wasting my BB if I can help it. Hope this helps!

Rating: 1/5 only for its staying power


  1. Seems a little temperamental. Haha. I'm not much of a blush girl, so I'd be hopeless with it. Have I mentioned that I really like this layout yet?

    1. Grrr. Open ID issues again. It's Beth from Beauty-Junkie. Any chance of having name/url commenting open? Open ID is actually closing in 2014, I think. It's the only way I can comment on your blog as someone who doesn't have blogger.

    2. I'm glad you like this new layout! I wanted to get a more professional set while my blog is being remade. I am hoping she'll do a good job with a mermaid theme. =) And I can ask the girl who is redoing my blog about the comment thing, I'll let her know. =)

  2. lol that is a very persistent blush! :D I don't think I'll be trying that one because I'm not really a blush junkie, so if this stains so much and is difficult to get off it is really not for me.
    Thank you for the honest review! ^_^

    1. thanks for reading dear! xxo I suggest the Etude House Watercolor Blushers in place of this =)

  3. Where can you find ingredient lists for Korean products, or can you? I love Korean makeup, but I have celiac disease and am violently allergic to gluten, so I am sure you can imagine my dismay at finding that a Lioele lipstick contained wheat germ oil. Even if I weren't topically sensitive to gluten (not all celiacs are), lipstick goes on your mouth which means you are bound to ingest some eventually. If I'd worn it I'd have ended up spending the better part of a day running back and forth between bed and the loo :( as it is, I gave it to my roommate, but I'd rather avoid this situation in future.

    1. Oh dear that's such an unfortunate situation! :( I guess I didn't realize that there could be gluten in things like makeup but you're absolutely right, you're bound to ingest it at some point. Sometimes it can be hard to find a list of ingredients, but depending on the brand they may have their packaging in English in addition to Korean. For instance, all the Etude House products I have also come in English but I have plenty of others that don't. If you want I can try to figure out which brands I own come with English descriptions. The next step would be to look for it online because 3/4 times you can find the ingredients either on someone's personal blog or on a shop that scanned the packaging or translated the ingredients. I have the same problem that I am allergic to a few things. I'm allergic to garlic and I just bought a whole skincare line, not knowing that there is garlic in the product. I haven't had any problems with it so far except when I put it on an open wound haha...so lesson learned, don't do that for myself. There are a couple other topical allergies I have so I have to be careful as well. I'm sure you're used to reading labels but with Korean products it's especially necessary to read the labels for misnomers and misleading claims like instead of saying salicylic acid, it'll say things like willow bark or something to that effect. Sometimes you can also find a list of ingredients on that one website that breaks down the composition of makeup things, but that's a bit harder to come by because it doesn't have every translated brand description (and sorry I don't even remember what website that is). Let me know if you have any other questions and sorry for writing a novel xxo