Review: Skinfood Fresh Apple Pore Cleansing Oil

Tester Korea is having a huuuge sale right now! 30% off tons of brands. 0:)

I suggest while you're there you pick up one of my favorite cleansing oils for getting waterproof makeup off by Skinfood.

I bought this for 12,000 Won (~$11.33 USD) but you can get yours for 8400 Won (~$7.93) right now during End of the Year Season Sale lasting from December 6th to the 20th.

Left: lip tint marker, Lip tints, Waterproof mascara, lip lacquer, waterproof eyeliner
Right: See how it's already dissolving with just the oil sitting on top?

 Left: Barely any rubbing required and the BB and makeup is off
Right: Unfortunately the tint that was dried on my hand underneath wouldn't come off

  • Effective waterproof makeup remover
  • Doesn't sting in eyes
  • Mild smell
  • Lots of product, little needed
  • Doesn't cause break outs
  • Didn't get previously dried tint off
This is my go to makeup cleanser from Skinfood because I wear a lot of waterproof eye makeup. This makeup remover, from the sparkling apple line, comes with a pump. You are supposed to use this on a dry face to remove waterproof makeup, and if you want to make a slightly milky lather just add a few drops of water and it'll turn a milky consistency. This dissolves some of my makeup pretty much on contact. I never have trouble getting waterproof makeup off from under my eyelashes when I use this. The only thing it couldn't remove during my test was a lip stain from etude house that had been dried on my hand for many hours. This stain is what was left behind even after washing my hands. It took a few days to get out of my skin so I don't blame the oil for not being able to remove it. I double cleanse when I use this so I follow up my makeup removal with a foam cleanser. Since using this and Etude House's Peel So Good Peeling Foam Cleanser, I definitely have felt a decrease in sebaceous cores on my nose and smaller pores in general because they are not as clogged with oil. I highly recommend this and at the price Tester Korea is offering it at, there's no reason not to try it. =)

Rating: 5/5 will buy another!


  1. That's a great price! And honestly, I doubt most oil cleansers would be able to completely remove a stain like that... usually I have to scrub really hard with an exfoliating cloth to get something like that off, haha.

    1. I agree! Some stains just stay around way too long on skin and my skin was getting painful trying different cleansers to get it off >...> that's the sacrifice for having a blog keke. Thanks for reading Rebecca! <3

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  3. price & effect seems good ^^

  4. It looks good. Although, I tend to find that I'm clumsy enough to get oils in my eyes when I use them to remove waterproof mascaras. xD

    1. I hate waterproof mascaras for this reason >.....> but I can't wear non-waterproof eyeliner so I just clench my eyes and hope for the best LOL. What do you use?