Review: Lioele Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser Gold Kiwi

Hey guys!
First off, I wanted to give a humongous thank you to Rebecca from Hello Pretty Bird for suggesting to turn off the auto-enhance feature on Google Images to stop my pictures from getting much darker. It worked! You're a blog-saver, lol.

Today I'm going to review a Lioele product I got my hands on back in March.

You can get yours from Beauteque for $18.00, and just a heads up--if you're a Reddit user they may or may not have posted a little 10% off coupon code for Redditors somewhere recently in the /r/AsianBeauty forums. ;)

They are offering $2 off 7 masks and free shipping until May 1st! Get your order in before tomorrow night!

If you know me well you know that I consider pretty much all foam cleansers the same, and I tend to not make distinctions of any sort unless the texture is different. I picked this up out of pure curiosity for more Lioele products after I found a few hits in their other products.

Here's what Beauteque has to say about it:
"Moist foam cleansing for sensitive skin. Skin-soothing and moisturizing Gold Kiwi extract leaves the skin moisture-enriched and the soft and rich bubbles manages dead skin cells and impurities. And Vitamins and Lioele's patented formula leaves the skin healthy and vitalized.
How to Use-Work into a lather and massage onto face avoiding lip and eye areas for about 1 to 1-1/2 minutes and rinse off."
I was surprised that there are actually a lot of extracts in it. I figured it would be like all other foam cleansers. I do see licorice int here which helps with fading scars! Kiwi and avocado are first in the list of extracts.

 Various swatches: Espoir Lip Lacquer, Clio Cream Shadow, Holika Holika Eyeliner, Etude House Tear Liner, Face Shop Liquid Eyeliner, Clio Mascara, Peripera Tint Marker, and Stylenanda 3CE Cream Blush.

 The foam is golden-yellow to match the product name.

A soft but small lather (I like this better actually!).

Leftover is Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner, Clio Mascara, and Stylenanda 3CE Cream blush. I was super surprised to see it got the Peri tint off and the Face Shop eyeliner.

  • Feels soft and creamy 
  • Smells SO GOOD
  • Cleans a lot of makeup off
  • Lather is small and watery
  • Didn't cause break out
  • Not as moisturizing as I expected
  • Expensive
I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to foam cleansers. In my opinion, although I have oily skin, all foam cleansers are stripping. I was expecting this foam to cater towards dry skin, therefore maybe it would not strip my face as much; perhaps I might even feel oily still after using it. One comment to preface this review: it smells amazing. I seriously want to squeeze the tube into my mouth it smells like fresh, juicy kiwi. 

The cream comes in a pretty plain white tube. If you need the ingredient list you have to refer to the sticker attached on the plastic wrap or save it; it's all Korean underneath. The cleanser itself is a shiny, buttercup yellow cream with a slightly gooey yet stiff texture. The texture is super soft, again almost gooey feeling, when you add water. Very little product is required, though it does require a bit more water than usual to form a lather. The bubbles are relatively small and watery, but I actually like this compared to normal thicker foam cleansers. It feels less irritating when washing around the sensitive parts of your face because the bubbles are less likely to get in your nose and eyes haha...

I tend to oil cleanse before washing, but I figured I'd see how well it can get makeup off alone. It got almost everything off except the products which were touted as waterproof. I honestly thought it wouldn't be able to get the majority of it off so this was very surprising, with little effort.

From using it, I have not experienced any break-outs, but I also feel that it is not anywhere near as moisturizing as the wet texture suggests. When I wash it off I feel that my skin is about as dry as any other foam cleanser. If you have dry skin, I don't think this will really add to a regimen, but it is a good product for oilier skin that doesn't like feeling over-dried. Also, 1 to 1.5 minutes of washing your face with any foam cleanser is too long in my opinion, and will lead to stripping of natural and necessary oils.

Rating: 4/5 the smell alone makes it worth a repurchase


  1. Glad it worked! I had the same problem myself when I first started my blog, and it drove me nuts until I figured out how to fix it.

  2. Sounds like the scent is heavenly! I can imagine because I do love eating golden kiwi! I often use my normal super foaming cleanser to remove face make up and a separate one just for the eyes as you found out, some mascaras and eyeliners will not budge without something strong and oily! I've never known that they sold face wash, thanks for sharing your detailed review!

  3. I am searching the best foam clenser for my easly drying and getting itchy skin :/


  4. I'm impressed by how much a foam cleanser took off. That's quite a bit of makeup.