The Best of: Korean Lip Products

Hey guys!
The other day I posted my Korean lip collection so today I thought I'd bring you my "Best of" list with products from every category. I realized I tend to review the lip products I love the most, and hold off on the ones I'm kinda "meh" about. I'll try to review the ones that haven't already been reviewed soon! :)

I decided to skip Lip Scrubs, Clear Lip Balms, Lip Concealers/Bases, Clear Top Coats because it's a mixed category, but if you need a recommendation from it just let me know.

For previously reviewed products, I have included links to my reviews in the "Item Name" so click each product if you'd like to see more info/swatches.

Tinted Lip Balm Type Products (Sheer Color)
Missha The Style Glow Tint Lip Balm - OR201
Hands down my absolute favorite tinted lip balm product. I originally bought the orange, and it is one of the only Korean lip products I have used so much that I'm nearly out. Considering how many products I have, this is quite the feat! It's so moisturizing, smoothing, and it gives my lips a "my lips but better" look. I bought the PK02 one as well, but this is getting harder to find now that they don't make it anymore.

Milky Lip Tints (Weak Color)
LG VDL Tint Bar Milk Colada - Pink Colada
Perhaps I put this in the wrong category, as this really isn't a weak lip tint. Unlike the others I put in this category, the color really shows up well even though it goes on light, milky pink it shows up a nice magenta stain. This actually does have a soothing "cooling" effect to it as described as well! I would love to try more VDL products.

Liquid Lip Tints (Strong Color)
I have a LOT of favorites from this category so I'm not going to pick just one...

Although these don't have as good of a formula as Tonymoly's liquid lip tints due to the jelly consistency making application sometimes uneven, I love the color of this tint and its ability to make gradient lip tinting so much easier.

This one is my absolute favorite layering tint. I wear this over MAC's Saigon Summer lipstick and it makes the most gorgeous sunset ombre look. The smell is good too!

I would consider this to be the best tint ever if I had to pick absolutely one. I love how evenly the color spreads, I love how thick and how thin it can be worn (below is my bare lips followed by a full application), and I love how incredibly long it stays. I've heard people say this is drying--put lip balm over it. It will stay! Putting lip balm under a tint ensures that it won't stick. Remember how putting crayon on Easter eggs prevented dye from absorbing in those parts? It's the same concept.

 The Saem Sammeul Tint Aqua Tint - Pink
This is one of the first watery tints I tried that actually shows up pink on my lips. Mine is getting old, but I've definitely used it enough to say that this is one of my favorites. Another one of the few "almost empties" in my collection. I have the red one as well, but the pink is most impressive as someone with dark lips.

Liquid Lipstick/Opaque Glosses
The Face Shop Artist Finger Gloss PK103
I bought this lip gloss after seeing it in the Face Shop here in Hawaii. Since I bought it I can't stop using it. Unfortunately last night when I went to take pics for swatches, I could barely get any product out. I've had this for 2 weeks now and it seems like after maybe 5-6 uses it's already getting low. For $19 that's really disappointing, but the color of PK103 is AMAZING. It's very "in" for summer, and it reminds me strongly of Cheon Song Yi's lip color in My Love from the Stars. Also, this works great as a gradient lip tint.

Pigmented Lip Glosses
My absolute favorite lip gloss because the color in the tube is what shows up on my lips. It doesn't get painful and dry like some tints, but it also has the staying time of a regular lip gloss. Other than that, I have no complaints!

Pigmented Tube Lipsticks, Sheer Glosses

Imagine the infinite possibilities with these mix and match lip colors. It's like playing with paint except better--plus if you want white lips you can seriously have that.

Ridiculous amount of color with a soothing effect and a pretty shine to it. Comes off just like any other lip gloss but it does leave behind a stain. Love it!

Pigmented Lip Crayons
I have all 4 of these and all of them show up well on my darker, pigmented lips. The color is rich, the formula is soft and non-drying, and it fades much more slowly than other similar lipsticks. This one is definitely a top product in my book. My friend Ashley recently reviewed it as well over at Obvi Obsessions read our reviews if you don't believe us! ;)

Pigmented Lipsticks

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips
These are pretty good quality for the price in general. I have swatches here to show how pigmented they are.

It's Skin Babyface Pure Lipstick
The formula claims to be moisturizing and pigmented--it is. The colors show up well on my lips and never emphasize dry lines

(Comparison bare vs. color)

Lip Lacquers/Powdery Opaque Lip Gloss Types

Stylenanda 3CE Lip Lacquer
Totally shows up the color it's supposed to, completely blocking out my natural color underneath. It stays pretty wet/soft like a normal lip gloss, but for the coverage it's totally worth it. I want every single color they make, unfortunately it is around the same price as a western Sephora type brand. =(

Espoir Lip Lacquer Extreme Fit - Night Fall
Although this doesn't dry hard to your lips like Clio's Lipnicure, I much prefer this formula because it doesn't take a nuke to get it off. Also, it's suitable for gradient tinting and it's more forgiving on dry lips.

In my opinion, many of these lip products are very good on their own, but to get the most out of lip products you need to keep your lips in prime condition for instance by staying hydrated with tons of water (your lips reflect your hydration state) and by exfoliating every so often. I have seen many girls give products bad reviews simply because they do not take care of their lips! You can't expect miracles from a $10 product! I am thinking of making a guide on how to best use Korean lip products to get the most use and the best staying power from different types of products so that people will see why their products may not be matching up to other people's reviews.

I hope you found this useful! What are you favorites? Comment with any questions or suggestions for me. :)


  1. All of them look so gorgeous! I can't even choose which one is my most favorite x_x but the vampire red lips are so intriguing! thanks for sharing :)



  2. Yesss. Thank you for doing this!
    I always wanted to know what the Espoir lip lacquers were like, and I'm glad to hear they're better than Clio's Lipnicures.

  3. Korean lip glosses, lipsticks etc. are really the best! I also love them~ Thank you for the tips sweetie! ^_^


  4. Hail your gorgeous lips. You rock ANYTHING. Gonna look into some of the lip products you've mentioned, especially those LG VDL tints. The packaging is super cute. You also gave me the BIGGEST smile when you mentioned me. <3 You the bestest. Cannot wait to see if you post the rest of your collection :) xoxo <3

  5. Holy lipstick! D: Loving the collection (I'm super jealous haha) and now I NEED the EH dear darling tint in Vampire Red!

  6. Hime!! Where's the 3concepteyes stuff you loved so much?

  7. I totally forgot to put the lip lacquer underneath espoir lol! I'll add it now. Other than that, I have tried the 3CE lipsticks and they're very hit and miss. IMO the formulas are too moisturizing/sheer that they have really short wear time or don't show up at all on me. I'm a fan of their heavily pigmented products, but their lipsticks aren't good enough that I'd recommend them =)

  8. I was totes hoping you still loved the lacquer, I'm budgeting in that peachy color you looked amazing in. I think the other colors just weren't my thing, and I was liek must has as soon as I read your rev. ^_^

  9. I also love the A'pieu tint stick! I've been using it a lot haha. I hope they'd not stop making it!

  10. Oh 3CE why are you so expensive? If not for the price I totally would've bought one of the lip lacquers OTL

    Your lips are gorgeous! I swear you look good in every color. The eSpoir lip lacquer looks interesting, but it's so expensive ;__; If you like the Missha Glow Tint Balm and they've discontinued it, try the A'Pieu Kissable Tint Sticks! I think they're pretty much the same product only A'Pieu is cheaper. It's my favorite go-to lip product for a natural every day look :D

  11. This is an exteremly helpfull post for Korean lipstick lovers !

    Thank you ^^


  12. Yes please make a guide on how to use them! I had a 20 min video chat with my mom to teach her how to use all the different tints I bought her :)

  13. The lipcrayons and 3CE lip pigments are at the top of my list. Thanks for the recommendations!

  14. Wow this is such a comprehensive list of the types of korean lip products!!! Great review! I'm super interested in the innisfree lip laquers ( sucker for names, the lacquer part sounds soooo cool) and after reading your review, the tony moly cat wink tint!!!! My lips tend to dry out pretty fast… the Etude house lipsticks always make them super super chapped!!!! Must invest in tints… hopefully they're not as drying???

    xoxo, Mango

    Blog | <a

  15. Wow..that so many!I would love to try TheFaceShop ver! lovely :D

  16. whoa~ I think I'm going to love that Innisfree and Stylenanda 3CE Lip Lacquers! The colours are bright and pigmented! As I have pigmented lips sure hope these will give me great looks! Thanks again dear for swatching these! Love it!

  17. I'm really liking orange lips now! I bought an orange tint from the Face Shop but have no idea what to do with my eyes except for neutrals and bold black eyeliner. I usually love color on eyes, but I haven't figured out how to make it work with the orange. Any thoughts? What do you usually do?

  18. Can you suggest the best korean lip balm?

  19. Hmm, to be honest I think lip balms are nearly all the same. The one product from Korea that I liked best as a lip balm was actually not listed as a lip balm on the package at all! It is a Memebox product called From Nature e-Choice Aloe Vera AllCare Cream. You can buy it here:


  20. Hello! Do you know of any product that will make my lips pink again? Few months ago I was given a NYX lip tint but I think it's fake because it made my lips dark! It is horribly blackish now... :'(