Etude House is a Korean skincare and makeup brand that was established in South Korea in 1995. Korean products are well-known for their effectiveness. That’s why people all over the world prefer to use them. Similarly, Etude House is said to be among the most affordable, yet quality[…]

Etude House is a Korean brand that was established back in 1995. The brand is known all over the world for offering a wide range of products. From skincare to other beauty products, this brand offers all at affordable rates. Want long and beautiful lashes? Etude House has[…]

If you want dramatically long and thick lashes, then this mascara by Etude House is the one you need. The Lash Perm Fix mascara by Etude House is a one of a kind product. And it is bound to definitely make a great addition to your makeup collection.[…]

Rocasuba Inc. is well-known for the beauty-care and health products it has manufactured. There are many top products from this company you can opt for. The products also includes the award-winning and innovative RapidLash Eyelash Serum. You might have read a Rapid Lash review already. It’s beloved by[…]

With time, eyelashes have changed into more of a cosmetic enhancement. Today, lashes symbolize youthfulness, femininity, and beauty. Full eyelashes framing the eyes make the eyes appear wider and larger. Some studies suggest that larger eyes are more attractive than smaller eyes.With the demand of fuller and longer[…]

Idol Lash Review What is Idol Lash?Idol Lash is a growth serum formulated for use on the eyelashes. It’s a product that’s caused quite the stir amongst women who’ve craved those long, lush lashes but sadly, weren’t born with them. Within two to four-weeks of using the product, women[…]

Have Great Natural LashesIt’s no secret that most women want the longest and strongest lashes they can get. Lashes can really pull your face together and bring out the best in your eyes. However, some women have just not been blessed with luxurious lashes, and maybe their poor[…]

A lot of new makeup enthusiasts might not be excited about trying out clear mascara. Their point of view is quite understandable considering the name, clear mascara. But using the best clear mascara can do wonders for your look!Some misconceptions! Who would want to put a coat of[…]

Grande is known as a leader when it comes to innovative cosmetic products. It believes that there is no time frame for experiencing the full extent of natural beauty. For this reason, it has come up with care-free and peptide-infused application cosmetics. Their products only use natural ingredients[…]

A Brief Glimpse at Cosmetic HistoryBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, but society sets certain standards that are either short-lived or practiced for years. A good example of such is the use of cosmetic products, including makeup for different types of occasions. Since early human civilization,[…]