Top 5 Etude House Mascara

Top 5 Etude House Mascara
(Last Updated On: November 11, 2017)

Who doesn’t love long, voluminous and thick, lashes, right? But not everyone happens to be gifted with a pair of such luminous lashes. That is why having an Etude House Mascara nearby comes in handy!

This beauty product by Etude House is a real game changer. With just one application you can get your limp lashes to curl up and look stunning. Of course, you could opt for false lashes. But wearing falsies every single day is quite a hassle, and to be honest, no one has that much time either.

Also, no need to opt for false lashes when you have a mascara that can give you the lash effect you want. Your eyes are what attracts people the most. As the say, the eyes speak to the soul. Wearing mascara gives you a more polished look. Plan on heading out to a casual meet up or you are going for a night out with your friends? Your mascara can help you to achieve the look you want.

It works even when you are running late and don’t have time to do your makeup. All you need to do is apply some mascara and lipstick and you’re good to go. The mascaras from Etude House will give your lashes the lift they need and makes them look longer. You will look fresh and ready to take on the world.

Now there are many brands that have different mascaras to choose from. Each brand has a different formula and they all have a different way of application. But if you are on a budget yet you wish to buy a good mascara then Etude House is the right choice for you.

Top Etude House Mascara Comparison Table 2017

A Range of Mascaras

Etude House has a variety of mascaras for you to choose from. They not only help in elongating the lashes but make them appear thicker and voluminous. They are perfect for giving them the extra lift they need.

These mascaras give you curls that hold for hours. Also, the product is made in a way that it ensures it doesn’t smudge so that you don’t end up with raccoon eyes. The mascara range from Etude House includes products that have fibers in them. These fibers give your lashes a fuller look.

Etude House is the best brand to opt for. It not only has amazing quality products but it also happens to be quite affordable as well. They mascaras are also non-toxic and won’t cause any irritation.

Here are some of the most popular mascaras from Etude House for you to choose from:

This mascara happens to be among the most popular mascaras from Etude House. This mascara makes you lashes longer. This is because it contains feather-light fibers in it. When applied, the fibers make the lashes look longer.

You need to coat your lashes from the roots. Then reapply the fiber on the tip of your lashes, slowly layering it up to make them longer.


  • This mascara not only curls the lashes but separates them as well.
  • It does not clump
  • Lasts for at least 24 hours!


  • It is extremely hard to remove. You will need to use different removers to see which one works best for you.



This mascara is another favorite. It includes a 3-step process which will allow you to build up the volume of your lashes as you desire. All you have to do is take the bottle, turn the center part and choose your desired settings.

Apply the mascara as you would and make sure to wiggle the brush at the tips. If you desire more volume then repeat the entire process with the other setting. This mascara is a favorite as it is the perfect cure for all people with small lashes.


  • Elongates your lashes to a great extent.
  • Gives you the option to build your lashes in the way you desire.
  • The 3 Steps make building up the product extremely easy.
  • Does not give you raccoon eyes.


  • It can be a bit clumpy for some.
  • Can be a bit difficult to remove. You’ll need to let warm water run over it for a few minutes.




The Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer is a clear fixing gel mascara that is to be used before and after you apply any other mascara that you prefer. It locks the mascara in and keeps the lashes curled.

This mascara is ideal for people with straight and short lashes. It curls the lashes and gives them volume.


  • It is transparent and waterproof.
  • Keeps the curl locked in for 9 hours straight.
  • Can be used as a primer and as a setting mascara.


  • The change in volume might not be drastic for some.
  • Can be difficult to take off.




This mascara is also loved by many. It is also 3-step mascara that can provide you with extra lift, curl and volume. To get more volume, you must keep twisting the bottle. Take the brush and move the flat surface in a zigzag motion to apply a coat. Then curl your lashes with the rounded surface. Lastly, hold the mascara vertically and then dab ever so slightly onto your lashes.

For most people, the first step is enough to give them the volume they need for everyday wear. But for the ‘whoa’ factor you can always use the 3-steps.


  • Provides the length and fullness that you need.
  • The first step is enough to give you full and thick lashes.
  • The perfect sized wand.


  • Using 3 steps can dry out the product quickly.
  • Is difficult to remove.
  • The wand size isn’t so great for the lower lashes; you can smudge them if you aren’t careful.




The Etude House Curl Fix Mascara is known for having the Curl 24HR technology. It helps in lifting, defining and curling even the tiniest of lashes that you have. The mascara is long lasting. It does not clump nor does it smudge.

The formula is said to be waterproof. Whether you get splashed or you sweat, your mascara won’t be budging at all. It has a dual jelly brush which curls the tiniest of lash that one has. Use the side with the bigger bristles to apply and use the smaller ones to complete the look.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Does not smudge at all.
  • Curls every single lash of yours, no matter how tiny it is.


  • Extremely difficult to remove.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for mascaras that will provide you with long lasting looks, go for Etude House. The mascaras that they offer are more than enough to complete any look. Furthermore, an Etude House Mascara is affordable and easy to apply.

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