Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Now that the weather has turned colder, many of us will start to notice that our skin is dryer than usual. Central heating, blustering winds, and lower humidity combine to sap moisture from delicate skin. For some people, dry skin is a year-round condition that requires careful and[…]

how to highlight your own hair

The History of Hair HighlightingHair coloring can be dated back to the early Egyptian civilization, where people used henna to dye their hair when it starts turning grey. In ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, plant extracts were used to create a permanent black dye, although this was soon[…]

Most of us would love to have long, healthy eyelashes. Although some people are naturally blessed with them, for others, it’s a matter of creating an illusion with extensions and mascara.But what if we told you that it’s possible to make your eyelashes longer and stronger, from the[…]