Unite Hair Product Review

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Most women are willing to test out a new product if it will make their morning haircare routine easier. Perhaps you are dealing with damage or just looking for a way to spruce up your look. Now that summer is here; you are probably hoping to find some products to give your hair that extra oomph.

It can be hard to find something that gives the hair volume without weighing it down and lets it shine without making it greasy. You need products that are easy to use and do what they claim they will do on the label. This is where UNITE hair products come in.

UNITE HAIR has been around for over 10 years as one of the leaders of the haircare world. They are committed to simplifying life for the stylist and salon owner. The company is based in California but has now become a worldwide success! Unlike other companies, UNITE is still owned by an actual hairdresser. Let’s go over a couple of their best products, along with some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Our Top 2 Favorite Unite Hair Products Review

UNITE 7 Seconds Conditioner

If you are like many others, your hair turns into a tangled mess post shower. Sometimes, it can be hard to even get a comb through it. UNITE’s 7 Seconds Conditioner can be a lifesaver for you. It smells heavenly and can revive your tangled locks even after a swim in the ocean. Use it after having a recent color done without worries or after lying outside in the sun’s damaging rays. This will detangle even the harshest of locks, leaving your hair weightless and smooth.

Usually, brushing through wet hair is not only dangerous for your strands but uncomfortable. After you use this product, you will have the easiest time putting your brush through your damp locks. As soon as you’ve gone swimming and put on your 7 Seconds Conditioner your hair will never look better. But maybe now you’re ready for something different; some beachy waves without the salt water. That’s where UNITE’s next product comes in.


UNITE Beach Day

Even those who live close to the ocean don’t always have time to take a swim in it and wait for the genuine, salty beach waves that come from it. Using this product on newly damp hair works a treat, but it also works with dry or completely wet hair. This will get a natural wave going and leave you with a perfect style for a summer day.

Even if your hair is pin straight, you will get some wave and volume with a single application of the product and a French braid. Allow your hair to dry completely, take the braid out, and give it a quick blow dry to add some more texture. This sounds as though it would dry out your hair but UNITE’s Beach Day keeps your hair moisturized and has a scent reminiscent of summer holiday bliss.

You may use this after conditioning your hair, massaging it into your scalp and scrunching your locks while it’s still wet. This will allow for some volume early on in the process. Doing this, along with adding a bit more product to your roots will give you a nice lifted look once it dries. You may find it works best if you don’t use a brush while your hair dries. This will let the spray do its work without the intrusion of your brush.

An early scrunch and some gentle ruffling will let your hair dry a bit faster without making it frizzy once it’s done. If you do use a hair dryer, try to alternate temperatures instead of staying on hot. This will give you the wave you’ve been craving. Feel free to add a bit more Beach Day to your hair when it’s dry to pull the look together and help it last.



Both of these products work together and are super lightweight. Using them together will allow you to get a healthy, attractive hairstyle without shelling out big bucks at a salon. It will look professional even though you did it yourself! What could be better than that? These products by UNITE will make your life much simpler. Check here to find more beauty product reviews.

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2020)

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